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I have recently had the opportunity to be in the Scandanavian city of Copenhagen. What a lovely city and the people are so friendly and laid back. Of course everyone speaks perfect English so it is very easy to get around and enjoy the culture.
There are many beautiful homes and much of the city is on the water. The locals love to “bathe” in the extremely cold water known as the Strait between Denmark and Sweden. You can see Sweden just standing on the shore and gazing through the hundreds of masts of sailing vessels. My son, William, was with me and was able to enjoy the amazing food and sights, as well. We even indulged our hosts in a couple of romps in the sea! BRRRR!
That is him in the green!

EVERYONE rides bikes which is SO refreshing…Spring, summer, fall and winter.

The city is lovely, as I had imagined with cobblestone streets and colorful flats along the wharf.

Next time i will share some of the amazing art I saw at the famous Louisiana Museum of modern art!!!